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Staff profiles

Academic Staff
Professor Fiona Cox Research interests are reception of classical literature, especially Virgil and Ovid, in literature and culture since the nineteenth century; contemporary women’s writing in French Streatham Campus, Exeter
Professor Sarah Hamilton Professor of Medieval History. Her research interests include medieval religion and exploring the relationships between ecclesiastical institutions and rites and medieval society Streatham Campus, Exeter
Dr Tim Rees Senior Lecturer in the History department. His research interests include; the history of Spanish communism, international communism in 1920s and 1930s France, the Spanish Civil War, and British visual culture in the First World War Streatham Campus, Exeter
Professor Francesca Stavrakopoulou Her research lies in social, anthropological, and cultural constructions of the body in ancient religions and the present-day West, with a particular interest in death, body modification, sexuality, and gender Streatham Campus, Exeter
Academic Community
Des Atkinson Researching late medieval England and France, especially the fifteenth-century church, its administration, institutions and personnel Streatham Campus, Exeter
Professor Susannah Cornwall Advanced Research Fellow in Theology and Religion. Her research interests are in postcolonial, queer and feminist theologies; theologies of the body, including gender, sexuality and disability; and medical ethics Streatham Campus, Exeter
Florence Gomez Streatham Campus, Exeter
Professor Joe Kember His research addresses the development of popular and visual entertainments throughout the Victorian period and early twentieth century, including traditions of performance and representation in early and silent film, magic lantern shows, music hall, and fairground Streatham Campus, Exeter
Professor Louise Lawrence Senior Lecturer in Theology and Religion. Her major research interests are anthropological approaches to New Testament texts and cultural and contextual implications of reading scripture Streatham Campus, Exeter
Professor Morwenna Ludlow Professor of Theology and Religion. Specialises in the history of Christianity, the use of rhetoric in Christianity, and Christian concepts of heaven, hell and the end of the world Streatham Campus, Exeter
Dr Richard Mansell Specialises in translator strategies and translation history Streatham Campus, Exeter
Professor Richard Toye Professor of Modern History; specialist in late-Nineteenth and Twentieth Century British history in its international context; author of Rhetoric: A Very Short Introduction (2013) Streatham Campus, Exeter
Professor Jane Whittle Historian of late medieval and early modern rural England, with particular interest in food, agriculture, consumption, work and everyday life Streatham Campus, Exeter
Professor Michael Winter Co-leader of Defra's Sustainable Intensification Platform. He is a social scientist specialising in agriculture and food Streatham Campus, Exeter
Professor Matthew Wright Specialist in literature and drama of ancient Greece and the early development of literary criticism; his most recent work has centred on fragmentary and lost literature Streatham Campus, Exeter
Honorary University Fellows
Professor Adrian Thatcher Honorary Professorial Research Fellow in Theology and Religion Streatham Campus, Exeter